Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gila Valley Newborn Photographer | Baylee

This is part II for Baylee. Just had to show her parents a few more. Baylee's aunt Margo is a friend of mine and was kind enough to refer this little princess to me when I needed a tiny model to practice on. I definitely learned a lot and it encouraged me to possibly take on a few newborns here and there. Contact me if you're interested in getting your little newbie photographed. I do not photograph newborns who are more than 10 days old (I like them nice and sleepy)... so if you're interested then please contact me while you're still expecting.








  1. Ohhhh, my uterus just skipped a beat. I LOVVVVE these. She looks so grown up all propped up on her elbows. That one makes me giggle, it's too cute! They are all amazing though. YOU are amazing!

  2. Erin these are so beautiful!!! It makes me want to get pregnant again, just so you can take some pictures! haha. How did you get the background solid black like that? Do you remove it in photoshop? Or do you drape the set?

  3. Ohhh these are adorable Great work Erin I hope you get lots and lots of newbies so I get see more like these

  4. These are beautiful... every single one. Great job!

  5. Way to go, Erin! These are lovely!

  6. Ok...for reals...you know you are talented right? Seriously...can I be you? no like your PS skills are the bomb and your colors are always so divine...beautiful!! I am a huge fan!

  7. Erin, what a beautiful photographer you are. This baby and family will cherish your special talent in the years to come as they do now. Gorgeous!

  8. OMG - so, so beautiful. Look at that smile you caught. Love it.

  9. Those are beautiful Erin!! I love your work!

  10. so darn sweet, i love headband & green flowers shot....so beautiful!!

  11. How can you be so incredible at everything?!?! Oh...it's because you are completely talented...not to mention you freaking taught yourself!

  12. Hey, the B&W image where she looks like she's holding up her chin... can you give me some tips on that one?
    I saw one site that recommended taking two pictures and PSing them together- NOT my bag. But either your PS is fantastic, or you did this in one shot.
    Either way, I want to hear more from you.
    Feel free to email me!
    Thanks Erin.
    Great work!!!

    - Abbey Corbett