Friday, October 21, 2011

Gila Valley Family Photographer | T Family

I recently brushed the dust off of my camera after spending the last year focusing more on my family. I'm so glad that I took that break. It was much needed! My life is so different now. My baby is almost a year old! He is a fiesty little guy. I love him. My daughter is now three and loving her new found independence as she adjusts to her first year of preschool. We are becoming the best of friends. The three of us have spent lots of hours cuddling, tickling, and laughing at each other. Ok, it hasn't been all butterflies and roses. Motherhood is REAL and sometimes really hard! So for that reason, I'm really happy that I chose to put away my hobby for a while so that I could remind myself that even these hard days of motherhood will some day be missed.

I will miss times like these... where she comes strolling her baby brother in to me in her baby doll stroller. Oh man. These two kill me!


One of my first sessions back was with this gorgeous family! Megan is a fellow photographer who is extremely talented! CLICK HERE to check out her work. Their little Allie has loads of personality and we were instant besties. (I hear I'm not special. She bonds with everybody!) Thanks T Family for letting me come hang out with you!